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We are passionate about intelligent and sustainable homes that help us be happy, healthy and thriving. Because of that we’re working with Real Estate Investors, Property Developers, Architects, and Builders, to make Intelligent, sustainable and future-proof homes a reality.

Our Founder 

Cristian Tanase is a technology enthusiast, inventor and innovator. He spent over 10 years at Apple where he helped enhance Apple’s Smart Home ecosystem by working closely with hardware developers and manufacturers and building platform differentiating, next generation products that seamlessly connect to Apple devices.  Cristian has also spent time working in the Smart City industry where he is best known for his work on inventing a groundbreaking way of integrating 5G in street lights or for introducing the world to its first wireless, multifunctional smart pole, he is also named as an inventor on a number of patents. His work is dedicated to how we interact with technology, and is driven by the importance of value, design and human experience in product creation.

Cristian envisions an even more intelligent future, where technology brigs us true value in a very personal way, and has committed Connectome to creating extraordinary human experiences for the world that could be, with the help of today’s technologies. 

Our Journey So Far



CONNECTOME has been created out of the need to help developers and builders build technology and sustainability in their homes


HERDADE DO MEIO by Dynasty Homes in Portugal, provides the opportunity to live the life you always dreamed of. Live in a Smart-villa that produces and stores it's own energy, reuses air to heat the water or cool the house, with smart thermostats that ensure that each room has the right temperature, humidity and air quality, all managed by a central system that works in the background. 

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